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Venezuela urgently requires a transition process to rescue democracy

26 febrero 2014


The undersigned, wish to present to the public opinion a document entitled “VENEZUELA URGENTLY REQUIRES A TRANSITION PROCESS TO RESCUE DEMOCRACY”, addressed to all Venezuelans of good will, especially the members of the National Armed Forces, as well as to the governments of the Western Hemisphere and the media. The objectives of this text are:

First, to state the reasons why it is inevitable that Venezuela will soon undergo a political transition according to the Constitution, in order to prevent a humanitarian disaster, rescue democracy and rebuild the Republic. Second, to explain the scope of such a transition, according to the parameters set by the Constitution, existing Venezuelan laws and international humanitarian laws. And third, to inform national and international public opinion regarding the exceptional events that will surely take place in Venezuela.

Our assessment is based on the collapse observed in all areas of national life: economy, oil, health, power supply, criminality, justice, freedom, human rights, and electoral system. We also denounce the subordination to Cuba and countless violations of the Constitution, which in fact represent successive coups d’état.

As a result of the above, it has already begun a process of popular insurrection and social unrest in our country, as evidenced by increasingly protests; anarchy, loss of governance, and the desperate attempt of the ruling party to stay in power through a growing ruthless repressions. As these lines are written, the Venezuelan student movement is now holding countrywide protests in our streets, which have been fiercely attacked by armed paramilitary groups and police forces, causing many dead and injured.

The terrible economic crisis, political polarization, arbitrariness and Cuban interference, constitute a dangerous combination that can lead to a serious and lengthy conflict. It is the duty of all concerned citizens to prevent this from happening.

In addition, the Venezuelan regime –guided by the Cuban dictatorship– is not satisfied with destroying our own territory, but rather is determined to impose its perverse model to neighboring countries, something which threatens the regional peace and stability

Due to the fact, that the Government has systematically closed all electoral, legislative or judicial possibilities to solve the crisis, by committing fraud and controlling all branches of power, we have left no alternative but to use other legitimate means to rescue Democracy and restore the validity of the Constitution.

In our modern days, the military involvement in solving our political crisis need not necessarily be violent. In January 23, 1958, the Venezuelan Armed Forces, massively supported by the Venezuelan population, toppled the dictator Marcos Pérez Jiménez without firing a single shot, just by threatening him with the use of force. That bloodless action gave rise to one of the most durable and stable democracies in the region. The same could happen now.

This is the time for pro-government Supreme Court members and congressmen to reflect on their historic responsibility. It is much preferable for them to remove Maduro from office, and seek consensus with the opposition to manage a transition, rather than remain stubbornly in power, and continue endorsing an illegitimate and totalitarian regime, which is subordinated to the Cuban dictatorship. The consequences of such a mistake would make it worse for them and for the country.

We call on all Venezuelans of good will, civilians and military, to put an end to this madness, and to strive together to rescue democracy, regain freedom and restore rationality. We wish to emphasize that civilians will not abandon the military in this historical circumstance; we all share a common responsibility that must be endured together.

We also call for democratic sectors around the world to understand the dilemma we are now facing: either allowing the destruction of our country; or appealing to our sacred right to peaceful disobedience, in order to ensure peace, restore harmony and establish the Rule of Law.

Enrique Aristeguieta Gramcko

Enrique Tejera París

Asdrúbal Aguiar

Diego Arria

Oswaldo Álvarez Paz

Germán Carrera Damas

Aníbal Romero

Pedro Palma

Alfredo Coronil Hartmann

Antonio Sánchez García

Manuel Rachadell

Alfredo Weil

Nelson Ramírez Torres

Luís Betancourt

Humberto Maio

Aníbal Latuff

Macky Arenas

Luis Manuel Aguana

Julio César Rivas

Santiago José Guevara García

G/D Rafael Montero Revette

V/A Rafael Huizi Clavier

G/D Carlos Julio Peñaloza

G/D Manuel Andara Clavier

V/A Carlos Ramos Flores

C/A Elías Buchszer

G/B Luis José Hernández Campos

G/B Eduardo Cabrera

G/B Néstor Sánchez Toro

G/B Bernardo Díaz Castillo

C/A Eddie Guerra

Cnel. Fernando Magallanes

Cnel. Asdrúbal Ramos Balza

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